R. Stark

R. is 35 years old. She is the Lead Singer of Coven of the Nightqueen. R. is also known as "Winter Queen Rhiannon". R. is located in Rio de Janeiro at Keukenhof Records.

R. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

🌛☀️️Winter Sun & Moon ❄️
Proud Mayoress of Jo'burg! ^^
Thx everyone for the birthday calls!

Attitude Loving
State Normal
Mood 99
Health 82
Star Quality 74
Cash $128,913.20
VIP Member
Game: Popmundo
Points: 1985
Days Active: 1806 days
Authorities: Community Representative

Latest Blog Post

Christmas Time!

So everyone, ppm had a few big essays to write and present this week so she only remembered to arrange the side party when it was too late (as she found out, you can't arrange a party less than 24h before it happens ^^').

But we've done this party without the new party system for all this time, so we can do it again right? The Wintermoon Tower still can host activities like water polo and dance off, I'll be distributing eggnogs and Christmas dishes and the plug.dj room is still on, so let's shake off the cold of this winter Christmas with fun and drinks! (and hot chocolate for kids )

Posted 5/24/2019, 12:00 PM

All characters in Popmundo are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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