C. Sellier

C. is 16 years old. She is the Clarinet Player of The BSC Maverick Express. C. is also known as "Camazing". C. is located in London at Serpentine Lido.

C. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

Attitude Passive
State Normal
Mood 100
Health 75
Star Quality 50
Cash 33,952,860.50 M$
VIP Member
Game: Popmundo
Points: 930
Days Active: 2950 days

Latest Blog Post

Just your regularly scheduled existential crisis

Her cousin had it together. Which was weird considering he was Amnesia Boy with a Mysterious Lost Past and all. That wasn't a good sign, probably, that he seemed to have a better handle on his identity than she did. This wasn't something she always thought about, but since he'd had his ace-spec revelation and shared it with her, that's where her mind was wandering.

What was her identity? Where did she fit? Was there a pretty flag she could wave around proudly? Were there things she hadn't tried that she should give a go? Were there other things she had done that she wasn't particularly keen on repeating? Did it matter if she even had a label at all? She simultaneously wanted to hide away until her head stopped swimming, and throw herself out there onto all and any bodies that might help clear up the matter.

This was probably all overthinking. Maybe not thinking at all would be better. A nice meditative state, stupid brain bypassed, just breathing. It wasn't long until the football season started again, after all, and then she'd be busy again. Wouldn't have all this annoying free time with thoughts intruding on her peace.


Posted 4/17/2024, 7:00 AM

All characters in Popmundo are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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