R. al-Awza`i

R. is 27 years old. She is the Violinist of dolce far niente.. R. is also known as "üzgün olamayacak kadar yorgun". R. is located in Izmir at Captain Keene.

R. likes to rest during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally.

el yahşi biz yaman, el buğday biz saman

Body & Health

Keep a watchful eye on your personal condition at all times. If you don't stay healthy you eventually wind up in hospital. While hospitalized you will be unable to focus on your regular priorities and you miss out on all the fun stuff happening away from your hospital bed.


Attributes are used to describe different aspects or traits of a character. The levels of someone's attributes are used to determine the outcome for a multitude of things related to these traits. A well developed constitution helps you stay healthy, charm and looks help your social life, etc.

Attribute Level
Charm 100perfect
Looks 100perfect
Voice 100perfect
Musicality 100perfect
Intelligence 100perfect
Constitution 100perfect
Strength 100perfect
Dexterity 100perfect


Current Level: 94

This meter indicates how happy someone is. Although it's not vital to be happy all the time you should try not to become depressed. Depression is a bad, bad thing.


Current Level: 51

This meter indicates how healthy someone is. Being healthy is a great way of making sure you do well in most aspects of your life.

Diseases & Special Conditions

R. has no diseases or special conditions from what you can see.

There are numerous diseases and special conditions in the game which can affect health. Some of them can be treated while others you simply have to wait out. If there are unknown ailments in this list which haven't yet broken out, you might want to head down to the doctor's office for an appointment. That way you might spare yourself some unnecessary pain and agony.


Sex 26 Last Fix:6/12/2021

Addictions are built up by excessive behavior of different kinds. They go away slowly by themselves if you stop fueling them with constant fixes. However, serious addictions can have a severe effect on your mood and health, so in some cases getting professional help is recommended. Visit your local shrink for therapy sessions to get rid of addictions quickly.


The medical files have no surgeries on record for R..

Some surgeries are necessary... some are merely cosmetic. Either way they are all listed here. The effects of cosmetic surgery fade with time and can eventually have an adverse effect. Keep this in mind before performing any medical "upgrades".


Alnıma yazdı kader silemedim
Left buttocks
Bu seni hiç alakadar etmez
Left shoulder
Azdan az, çoktan çok gider
Gaz maskesiyle gül koklanmaz
mind melting
Right shoulder
Dün dündür, bugün bugün
Upper back
Başımız var gövdemiz tam olsun
Right ankle
Yüksek dağın dumanı çok olur
Upper back
Ne kadar oldu, olmayalı?
Lower back
Tarlaya ektim tütünü
Right arm
Tavşan yedi kökünü
Dead inside but still horny
Right neck
Bi çılgınlık eder severim seni
Right arm
100 Nikâh Kıydım
Right buttocks
Make a woman cum for once
Left leg
Just give me some candy
be my machine do what I say
Left neck
Left leg
Aşko yapacağın işi s******
Right leg
yetti be bu ne bi kere de nude
Right arm
Right leg
Depressed stressed horny
Left foot
sənin sikənin adı nədi
mind melting
Left arm

Having a tattoo is one way of expressing yourself and get your message out without even having to say it. Tattoos tend to be stuck on your body though, so you better be sure you want it before you head over to your local Tattoo Parlor.

Immunities & Vaccinations

Chlamydia (Unclear #1128)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1164)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1185)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1222)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1258)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1302)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1307)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1364)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1373)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1514)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1536)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1548)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1638)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1647)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1656)
Chlamydia (Unclear #1765)
Cold (Dark Salmon)
Scabies (Sea Green)

This is a list of immunities & vaccinations you've gained throughout your time in this world. You should no longer be subject to the effects of these things.