S. Azarevich

S. is 22 years old. He is the Master Mind of The Get Along Gang. S. is located in Brussels at MIVB/STIB (busstation).

S. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to recon location in order to get ahead professionally.

Body & Health

Keep a watchful eye on your personal condition at all times. If you don't stay healthy you eventually wind up in hospital. While hospitalized you will be unable to focus on your regular priorities and you miss out on all the fun stuff happening away from your hospital bed.


Attributes are used to describe different aspects or traits of a character. The levels of someone's attributes are used to determine the outcome for a multitude of things related to these traits. A well developed constitution helps you stay healthy, charm and looks help your social life, etc.

Attribute Level
Charm 100perfect
Looks 55pleasant
Intelligence 100perfect
Constitution 30below average
Strength 20terrible
Dexterity 100perfect


Current Level: 73


Current Level: 87

Diseases & Special Conditions

Synaptic Seepage


S. has no addictions worth mentioning.


The medical files have no surgeries on record for S..


S. doesn't appear to have any tattoos.

Immunities & Vaccinations

Sven has no immunities.