L. Kent

L. is 51 years old. She is the Drummer of Like to the Lark. L. is located in Seattle at Rock Academy.

L. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.

Background & Miscellaneous

This page contains basic personal information and brief historical background on this character, as well as some miscellaneous current information. Note that the information on this page has nothing to do with the player in control of this character.

Character Trivia

Layla is a dedicated professor at Evergreen State University in Seattle as well as an editor at The Insider. She is a citizen of Glasgow for voting purposes but resides in Seattle.

If Layla's statement says she's teaching, you can expect to find her on campus 95% of the time. If she is out of town or otherwise away from campus for an extended time, she will note it in her statement. She may be able to take on apprentices while on extended absences from the university, so feel free to ask if you are interested in that. Layla is fully skilled in Advanced Pedagogy, so she can, theoretically, teach skills faster on average..


English Editions editor at The Insider
Long Island Classic, NYC, Y93/94, Third Place (surfing)
Neujahrfestival, Berlin, Y99/100, Fourth Place (surfing)
#12 Pipeline of the Week, 3/11/18
Pandemos Agency of Modeling competitor (two seasons)


Personal Data

L. was born in Moscow. Her mother is K. Kent. E. Rutherford is Her adoptive parent. E. Littleton is Her adoptive parent.

L. entered this world on schedule4/22/2014.

Next Birthday: schedule1/17/2023

Gender: Female

Citizenship: L. is a citizen of Glasgow since 11/8/2018.

L.'s Popmundo Personal ID is 3165860.

A Perfect World

L. refuses to have anything to do with PVP crime in this world. L. refuses to own or trade stolen goods.