D. Mfune

D. is 87 years old. D. is located in Mexico City at PanteĆ³n Municipal.

D. likes to go for a walk during off hours and is trying to go to work in order to get ahead professionally.

The songs of D.

Playing good songs on stage is crucial to the career of any musician. Although it's possible to play covers of other people's material, the best way to gain serious fame and become a superstar is to play your own songs. You can work on up to three songs at a time.

Known Songs Popularity Composed
Black! 500 1710617/7/2022
Flesh, que no Flex 500 1516434/19/2020
Ben, the baby 500 1492001/8/2020
Hey ho! 500 1407341/20/2019
Mi abuela mola mil 500 1354496/14/2018
Another HIT! Not a SHIT! 500 1344325/3/2018
G song 500 1323332/4/2018
My own deal 500 13068811/28/2017
Mi yogurina 500 1269556/25/2017
Pink Hell 500 836627/17/2012
Let's try it 500 834447/8/2012