Welcome to Toronto

The city of Toronto is located in Canada, and currently the home of 237 people. The local time and date is 1/19/2021, 4:05 AM.

Through these pages you can find out more about the city, places to visit and what is happening here. To travel to another city you can either buy a plane ticket, hitch a ride with a touring band, or hop into a personal vehicle if you own one.

Upcoming days in Toronto

Day Date Weekday Holiday
42 1582321/19/2021 3Tuesday
43 1582561/20/2021 4Wednesday
44 1582801/21/2021 5Thursday
45 1583041/22/2021 6Friday
46 1583281/23/2021 7Saturday
47 1583521/24/2021 1Sunday
48 1583761/25/2021 2Monday Halloween

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A word from the Mayor

Simon Charles
Mayor of Toronto

📍 Welcome to Toronto!📍

Toronto is the city of freedom, love, acceptance, tolerance, solidarity and unity. Feel free to be a part of us and enjoy Toronto's vast opportunities.

Toronto is a growing open economy. Investors are welcomed and supported.

Newbies, please check here: 2318648.1

Feel free to contact the mayor.


Useful Locales & Threads:

🛹 Park
🏄 Public Beach
👮 Police Station
💊 Psychology Clinic
🌳 Countryside
☠️ Graveyard

🎓 University of Toronto
🎓 York University

💉 Feeling sick? 2097768.1
📝 Citizens' comments and ideas: 2310125.1
📢 Announcements: 2318485.1

Want some fun?

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Upcoming shows in Toronto

*Dream Catcher* is playing in Jolly Joker Pop | TOR at 1/19/2021, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
Brown Suga is playing in Hucklebuck in Toronto at 1/19/2021, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 13
Automatic Despair is playing in Gevende Blues | TOR at 1/19/2021, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
|NNF4L| is playing in Wicked Cherry | Toronto at 1/19/2021, 12:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 80

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