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Welcome to Helsinki

The city of Helsinki is located in Finland, and currently the home of 367 people. The local time and date is 6/6/2023, 6:51 PM.

Through these pages you can find out more about the city, places to visit and what is happening here. To travel to another city you can either buy a plane ticket, hitch a ride with a touring band, or hop into a personal vehicle if you own one.

Upcoming days in Helsinki

Day Date Weekday Holiday
14 1790646/6/2023 3Tuesday
15 1790886/7/2023 4Wednesday
16 1791126/8/2023 5Thursday
17 1791366/9/2023 6Friday
18 1791606/10/2023 7Saturday
19 1791846/11/2023 1Sunday
20 1792086/12/2023 2Monday

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A word from the Mayor

Tervetuloa Helsinkiin. Welcome to Helsinki.

You have come to a very special city. Our specialities include the Heavy Metal zone Tuonela, where only Heavy Metal clubs and other Heavy things are allowed.
We also have Nakuranta, the only nude beach in the world. No clothes allowed there.
Find out more about our weird little city by going to Pulina Pub, that’s where the locals usually hang out.

We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Some useful links:
🌊Nakuranta/Nude Beach
👮Pasilan Poliistalo/Police Station
💬Pulina Pub 2283930.1
💉Lääkäri Päivystys /Doctors 1846087.1
📜The Insider Helsinki 2290008.1
💰Helsingin Aloittelijarahasto/Newbie Fund 2172642.1
🏛️Pormestarin työhuone/ Mayor's Office 2343752.1

Want some fun?

Check out the City Calendar for upcoming events, or visit the Social Pages to find other things to do in the near future.

Upcoming shows in Helsinki

Bill Zernos Atoms is playing in Indiana / Helsinki at 6/6/2023, 8:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
R4PUNZ37 is playing in Quasit HM - Helsinki at 6/6/2023, 8:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 10
Chuck Blues is playing in Ray´s Blues Helsinki at 6/6/2023, 8:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 74
Veaiga is playing in Flawless WM | HEL at 6/6/2023, 8:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 3
Sven-Olof is playing in Dope | HEL at 6/6/2023, 8:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100

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