Welcome to Tallinn

The city of Tallinn is located in Estonia, and currently the home of 266 people. The local time and date is 2/2/2023, 2:17 PM.

Through these pages you can find out more about the city, places to visit and what is happening here. To travel to another city you can either buy a plane ticket, hitch a ride with a touring band, or hop into a personal vehicle if you own one.

Upcoming days in Tallinn

Day Date Weekday Holiday
2 1760882/2/2023 5Thursday
3 1761122/3/2023 6Friday
4 1761362/4/2023 7Saturday
5 1761602/5/2023 1Sunday
6 1761842/6/2023 2Monday
7 1762082/7/2023 3Tuesday
8 1762322/8/2023 4Wednesday

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A word from the Mayor

Tere tulemast Tallinna, meeldivat külastust!

Võta linnapeaga ühendust siin - 2325589.1

Uued liitujad ja taasalustajad saavad abi teemadest 2328808.1 (inglise keeles) või 2328808.2 (eesti keeles)!

Welcome to Tallinn, enjoy your stay!

For any city requests Mayor's Desk here 2325589.1

Newcomers/Returners check 2328808.1 (English version) or 2328808.2 (Estonian version) for support!

💉 [Doctors/Arstid] 1685045.1

🌊 [Beach/Rand] Stroomi rand ➡️

🏞️ [Countryside/Maakoht] Pääsküla raba ➡️

🏡 [Open Homes/Avatud kodud]
Open House
Treasurer's Tent

🌳 [Park/Park] Clark Leslie skatepark ➡️

👻 [Graveyard/Surnuaed] Metsakalmistu ➡️

🚔 [Police Station/Politseijaoskond] Tallinna Politseijaoskond ➡️

🎴 [Black Market/Must Turg] Tallinn Black Market ➡️

🍖Pööriöö Resto
🍖The Devilicious Place TAL
🍖: Cupcake Haven :TAL:
🍖Seitsmes Taevas

🏦 [Shops]
🛒Pööriöö Kaubamaja
🛒GingerBread Shop :TAL:

Want some fun?

Check out the City Calendar for upcoming events, or visit the Social Pages to find other things to do in the near future.

Upcoming shows in Tallinn

*Tugas* Alma Lusitana is playing in Libertine in Tallinn at 2/2/2023, 6:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100
R2D2 is playing in Gray Clouds Blues 2|TAL| at 2/2/2023, 6:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 3
Butt..Butt is playing in Tal| Kimkat Country Club at 2/2/2023, 6:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 24
Black Saint & The Sinner Lady is playing in Ocean of Noise | tal at 2/2/2023, 6:00 PM.
Tickets sold: 100

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