Zones in São Paulo

Cities are divided into different geographic areas, or zones, as we refer to them in Popmundo. The local politicians determine how each zone is developed and maintained. Travel between zones can be costly, so plan your movements with care.

Zone Type Quality
25 de março Center of Town 21
Alphaville Residential 21
Oscar Freire Commercial 20
Cubatão Industrial 22
Campo de Marte Countryside 21
Paraisópolis Slum 9
Avenida Paulista Commercial 22
Morumbi Residential 22
Centro comercial Sta Kobe Commercial 22

Regarding Zone Quality

The quality of a zone affects the businesses and locales in it, the people living there, and the visitors passing through.

The quality of a zone is mainly determined by the quality of its locales and its infrastructure. It's up to the local politicians to make sure the infrastructure is maintained properly. Other factors such as crime, pollution, and overcrowding can also affect life in the zone in some way or another.