Glasgow Environment

Try not to ruin the world we live in for future generations. A clean and healthy living environment is essential for everyone. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Capacity: Infinite

Quality: perfect (Last measured 10/10/2023)

While the capacity of air (amount of oxygen) is virtually infinite, it is highly vulnerable to pollution. A lot of human activity emits pollution straight into the air and the effect on air quality is more or less immediate. Air pollution is dangerous for human health, especially if smog arises.


Capacity: 50000 (Last measured 6/20/2023)

Quality: perfect (Last measured 6/18/2023)

Groundwater is fresh water that over a long period of time has accumulated under the ground. It regenerates very slowly. Pump up too much of this limited resource and it may run dry! Since it is located deep down, it normally takes quite long for surface pollution to contaminate the groundwater. It could happen though - and if it does, you're in big trouble...