Illegal Goods in Paris

Possession of any of these items is illegal in Paris and is grounds for an arrest. Attempting to bring any of these items into the city can result in both the confiscation of said items and/or the arrest of the person in possession of them.

Item Mayor Date Added
Molotov cocktail S. Cluzeau 361152/13/2007
Nitroglycerin C. Doreau 532221/26/2009
Pack of Dynamite S. Cluzeau 361152/13/2007
Pistol (9 mm) S. Cluzeau 361152/13/2007
Revolver (10 mm) S. Cluzeau 361152/13/2007
Animal Poison H. Wicks 656876/29/2010
Tear gas grenade G. Thorstensson 452352/28/2008
Diatomaceous earth H. Wicks 656876/29/2010