Locales in Johannesburg

Each city is divided in to different Zones. Find locales in those zones that are relevant to the career and game you're focusing on. You will only find locales of public interest here and not character homes or abandoned buildings.

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Locale Type Quality  
Mocoso, te quiero. Restaurant 21
Val's Intimate Jo'burg Restaurant 18
Dreams Come True (JOH) Restaurant 17
Les Délices de Ché Rachel Restaurant 12
J’burg Restaurant 11
)* Hearts in Africa *( Restaurant 10
~ Love Me ~ at Joha Restaurant 9
Marlies's Restaurant|JOH| Restaurant 9
卿 如 故 Restaurant 8
it takes two to tango Restaurant 7
Tangalı Penguenler J'burg Restaurant 5
<+> Bloemfontein Restaurant 4
Algo Conтigo...Eи Johan? Restaurant 4
Serendipity |Joh| Restaurant 3
☾✩ Receitas Vovó Delcroix Restaurant 1
Starbucks | JOH Restaurant 1