Poirot Inc.

This is a privately owned company. It's entirely controlled by the shareholders and the shareholder they've appointed company president.

Note from the Management

Welcome to Cyanide Clubs

We serve with our POP Bar chain, 5* Recording Studio and 5* HQ.

For invitations and record contrat please contact Yalın Kesmez or Rosa Rose.

POP Bar zincirimiz, 5* Kayıt Stüdyomuz ve 5* Merkez Büromuz ile hizmet veriyoruz.

Davetiye ve kontrat istekleriniz için Yalın Kesmez ya da Rosa Rose ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Company Information
Company Type Private
President E. Kesmez
Registered in Tokyo
Cash 63,573,642.70 M$
Created 5/22/2012
Next Meeting 5/29/2023