Empire of Dave Harding

Empire of Dave Harding

This is a privately owned company. It's entirely controlled by the shareholders and the shareholder they've appointed company president.

Note from the Management

Empire of Dave Harding
Housed in the beautiful city Copenhagen. We are happy to offer our wide span of local services in Copenhagen. More or less everything you need.

5 x Bank
10 x Car Rental
22 x Shop
2 x Factory
2 x Fitness
2 x Hotel
3 x HQ
5 x Record Studio
2 x Artist Agency
1 x Park
6 x Surgery
2 x Restaurant
8 x Spillested
1 x Artist Equipment
8 x Ink
5 x Uni
23 x Jam
1 x Security
1 x Lawyers
1 x Gun Shop
Tot: 107

26 in Copenhagen

Company Information
Company Type Private
President D. Harding
Registered in Copenhagen
Cash 121,907,070.70 M$
Created 5/22/2015
Next Meeting 11/25/2022