Hummel's Inc - Solutely | Jam

This is a privately owned company. It's entirely controlled by the shareholders and the shareholder they've appointed company president.

Note from the Management

This company is for Jam Studios

This is what I provide: Type of local - extra info.
Jazz - Club, genre Jazz
Jam - Jam studio
Fitness Club - Gym, spa, PT
Stay & Live - Hotel
Eat & Enjoy - Restaurants
The Trust - Banking
Creativity - Tattoo and Plastic surgery
Production - Record Studio & CD factory
Transfer - When buying locales outside the market
Bazaar Boutique - Store
Stadium - shows at larger arena
Academy - University

Company Information
Company Type Private
President A. Hummel
Registered in London
Cash 470,000.20 M$
Created 9/3/2018
Next Meeting 11/20/2023