Scotland Yard

This company is controlled by the Chief of Police in London. The Chief of Police is appointed indirectly by the mayor, who decides who the Deputy Chief of Police is. The Deputy Chief of Police is then promoted to Chief of Police whenever the previous Chief of Police resigns or is thrown out of office.

Note from the Management

London's Metropolitan Police Force, set up in 1829 by the then Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel to police the growing city of London. The Met' absorbed the Bow Street Runners and Marine Police, who were their predecessors in the city.

It is from Sir Robert's name that we get the old nickname of "Peelers" and the current nickname "Bobbies" for policemen.

Company Information
Company Type City Police
Chief of Police E. Lacroix
Registered in London
Cash 4,500,000.00 M$
Created 1/1/2003
Next Meeting 12/20/2006