Cristo Redentor

All you need is love! Yet sometimes some spiritual guidance or plain old fear of the almighty is necessary to set things straight... for some people at least. That is why there are temples in this world. Come here to say your prayers, meditate, and reflect on the world around us.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Temple
City: Rio de Janeiro
City Zone: Zona Centro (Center of Town)
Management: Cidade Maravilhosa
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 1,208,093.80 M$

Note from the Management

Aries Draven (ENG)
Billy Ray Curry - (ENG/FRA/DEU)
Caroline Kaul-Seidman (PT/FRA)
Jillian Banks (PT/ENG/ESP)
Noah Monticelli (PT/ENG)
Gaspar Muller (PT/ENG/ESP/DEU/ITA)
Roseline Bowman (ENG/FRA)
Jonathan Black (ENG/ITA)
Nicole Casablancas (PT/ENG/ESP)
Thalia Lourenço (TUR/ENG)
Saulo Rocker (PT/ENG/ESP)
Denise Sparks (PT/ENG)

Nota da prefs:

Há vagas para quem quiser casar parentes ou amigues, mas pedimos que desocupe a vaga após a cerimônia ^_^
Mayoress note:
There are open positions for priests for those wanting to wed friends or family; all we ask is that you leave them open again after the wedding ^_^