Nothing beats a nice trip to the countryside. Who knows what adventures await you here?

Basic Info

Locale Type: Countryside
City: Glasgow
City Zone: Campsie Fells (Countryside)
Management: Glasgow
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 8,877,077.30 M$
Service Cost: 5.00 M$


Acting Out

Note from the Management

Welcome to Glasgow!

Local Resources:

Basil (Grass Green)
Harebell (Blue)
Dandelion (Lemon Chiffon)
Heather (Pink)
Fennel (Chartreuse)
Juniper (Chartreuse)
Yarrow (White)
Hazelnut (Dark Goldenrod)
Turnip (Medium Orchid)
Rose (Firebrick)

Mole (Saddle Brown)

Grasshopper (Tan)
Dragonfly (Aqua Blue)
Dragonfly (White)
Dragonfly (Lime Green)
Worm (Medium Slate Blue)
Worm (Tan)

Lowlands Path Resources:

Raspberry (Hot Pink)
Mentha (Green Yellow)
Hazelnut (Sienna)
Pear (Forest Green)
Pea (Lavender Blush)
Turnip (Medium Orchid)
Mistletoe (Medium Sea Green)
Pumpkin (Red)

Butterfly (Medium Violet Red)
Caterpillar (Brick Red)
Beetle (Olive Green)
Cockroach (Indigo)
Caddisfly (Beige)
Wasp (Light Slate Grey)

Oban Path Resources

Haddock (Cadet Blue)
Codfish (Dark Thistle Blue)
Monkfish (Sienna)
Salmon (Deep Pink)
Seaweed (Brick Red)