The Coffee House

Whenever you're far away from home a hotel is where you hang your hat. In many cases a hotel works just as a home, but it costs a lot more to hang out here.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Hotel
City: Glasgow
City Zone: Sauchiehall Street (Commercial)
Management: Coffee Inc.
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 4,825,398.70 M$
Service Cost: 150.00 M$

Note from the Management

Welcome to Glasgow
This hotel will always serve fresh coffee to you all. Very welcome to stay for a night or 10:) And we are aware of the normal behaviour of artists, so feel free to through out the TV when you leave, as long as you pay for it!

Newcomers sign up for the Big Brother/Big Sister Scheme - 1290421.1

Clerks needed in The Coffee Office