Aer. Intl. Benito Juárez

The airport is used by people traveling the world by air. When landing after a commercial flight in a new city, you'll end up here unless you're a VIP and have a home in this city. If you're a VIP, limo service will drop you off at home instead.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Airport
City: Mexico City
City Zone: Xochimilco (Countryside)
Management: CDMX
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 200,830.30 M$
Service Cost: 50.00 M$


Herhalde Abla Biliyosun, sussss

Note from the Management

El Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez, es el más importante de América Latina, con el mayor tráfico aéreo.

Cada 2 minutos el aeropuerto recibe una aeronave de rama nacional y cada 10 a 15 minutos una de vuelo internacional; recibe aviones de todas partes del mundo ya que es considerado escala aérea internacional.


The International Airport Benito Juárez, the most important airport of Latin America, due to the the greateast aerial traffic.

Every 2 minutes the airport receives an airplane of a national flight and each 10 to 15 minutes one of an international flight; receives airplanes of all around the world once its is consired as a international aerial stop.

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