University of Singapore

The university is where people 16 years or older can get their education, improving their skills in life.

Basic Info

Locale Type: University
City: Singapore
City Zone: Singapore Center of Town (Center of Town)
Management: Singapore Government
Quality: 50
Condition: great
Cash: 170,377,145.60 M$
Service Cost: 1.00 M$


Kilroy was here

Note from the Management

Welcome to the University of Singapore!

Professors needed! Maximum salary.

New here and have questions? Check the FAQ: 2113457.1

After registering for class, you must change your career focus to Attend Classes and stay at the University. More information: 2113457.57

At this time, we are unable to add more classes.
You need to stay on campus and be focused on work. When you are finished teaching, please quit your job.

You need:
- 2.5 stars in Basic Teaching.
- 3 stars in the skill you want to teach.

You will be fired if:
- You have no teachable skills.
- You are off campus too much.

Absences will be overlooked on the Big Bang, Valentines, St. Kobes, Day 27 (Frank's Monolith), DotD, and Christmas.