Rock Academy

The university is where people 16 years or older can get their education, improving their skills in life.

Basic Info

Locale Type: University
City: Seattle
City Zone: First Hill (Center of Town)
Management: Friends of Seattle
Quality: 40
Condition: perfect
Cash: 6,114,762.30 M$

Note from the Management

Welcome to Rock Academy!

Courses & Professors
In our University you can find courses focused on supporting the genres Rock, Punk Rock, Modern Rock and Heavy Metal.

University Professor positions require 2* Basic Teaching, salaries are maximum amount.

The President of Friends of Seattle is the University Dean, who is responsible for all management functions. Please contact David Long with questions.

Boasting the distinction of being the first and oldest University in the city, Rock Academy has been the Cornerstone of Seattle's education system infrastructure since the year 42. This proud landmark demonstrates how much the efforts of a small community can achieve through dedication and teamwork.

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