USC University

The university is where people 16 years or older can get their education, improving their skills in life.

Basic Info

Locale Type: University
City: Los Angeles
City Zone: Downtown Los Angeles (Center of Town)
Management: City of Los Angeles
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 31,957,637.40 M$

Note from the Management

Student FAQ: 1157024.3
Professor FAQ: 1157024.4
Class List & Rules: 2308354.1
CEO: N/A (Please contact the Treasurer)


Professors require the following skills:
• 2.5* in Basic Teaching
• at least 3* in the skill you want to teach
• Make sure you're at the locale of the university and set to go to work. Even without students, you will build up your skill through your updates.


If you wish to teach a skill which isn't currently being offered, please drop a comment on the official thread. This will save you the trouble of going back and forth between universities.

Please remember you need to stay on campus!