Whenever you're far away from home a hotel is where you hang your hat. In many cases a hotel works just as a home, but it costs a lot more to hang out here.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Hotel
City: London
City Zone: The City (Commercial)
Management: Handmade!* from Roxy
Quality: 50
Condition: terrific
Cash: 3,544,894.80 M$
Service Cost: 219.00 M$


The Fckn Nesbitt

Note from the Management

21-4-2013: A minute of silence was held in memory of our deceased ceo, Ove Anderson...


How far would you go for L'Ove?

Don't look further;
Everyone is welcome to stay here, especially family and friends.

Just enjoy and live life to the max

*work here? message us so we can raise your salary!