Twilight Health

The gym is where you hang out to get your daily exercise. Don't forget that going to the gym costs money and that you need to change your character focus to make the most of your visit to the gym.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Gym
City: London
City Zone: Brixton (Slum)
Management: Redemption Demur
Quality: 0
Condition: horrendous
Cash: 3,287,743.70 M$
Service Cost: 24.00 M$



Note from the Management

O-genki desu ka?

Popstars won't last long on tour, unless they stay in shape; criminals won't climb through many windows, unless they stay flexible.

Health is important.

Here at Twilight Health we have the latest arm-stretching, groin-warping, knee-popping gizmatrons. We've also got luxurious saunas and pools, which you can sit by... and drink martini.

It's a hard life.

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