Watling Street

Anyone leaving town in a land based vehicle will do so passing through this locale. Hitchhiking is safe here... although we don't recommend it in real life.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Highway Out of Town
City: London
City Zone: The New Forest (Countryside)
Management: The City of London
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 7,408,658.80 M$


Kilroy was here

Note from the Management

Watling Street begins at Marble Arch in the centre of London, runs northwest up the Edgware Road through Kilburn and Cricklewood, and ends at Admiralty Arch, Holyhead, in Wales. Watling Street is the Anglo-Saxon name given to this ancient trackway which was first used by early Britons, mainly between the modern cities of Canterbury and St Albans. The Romans later paved the route, which is now covered by the A2 road from Dover to London, and the A5 road from London to Wroxeter.

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