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The club is where artists begin their career by playing shows in front of an audience. Some clubs allow you to book a show here on this page directly, while others only invite artists they want to see perform in their club. Some clubs also require artists to be of a specific genre and have a minimum level of local fame to play there. Please keep in mind that when playing a show in a club everything from the club quality to the power output affect your shows in one way or another. Artists should select their venues with care.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Club (Genre Exclusive Club)
Genre: Country & Western (earth shaking)
Fame Requirement: terrible
City: Sofia
City Zone: София Парк (Commercial)
Management: Panda C&W
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 3,241,110.50 M$
Power Capacity: 99000 W
Rider Limit: 200,000.00 M$
Artist Cut: 50%
Bookings: Open
Service Cost: 5.00 M$
Current storage size: 0 of 15000 MU

Note from the Management

Please send her or him a message to lower the ticket price. We are neither psychics nor free time-masters. Love ya.

Welcome to Panda C&W!

Panda C&W is one of the gorgeous worldwide C&W chains. We offer the best possible service and quality for your band to ensure that you make the craziest shows. Why? Because panda rocks guys and gals, that's why. Try this alone, at home.

Ticket prices and other stuff will not be changed regulary. So feel free to contact us about them or invitations, tour schedule etc.

Best kisses <3
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