The Chloe Blair

Nothing beats a break away from your stressful life in a local park. The park serves as a gathering place for people out and about in the world as well as providing cities with some much needed fresh air.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Park
City: Milan
City Zone: Portello (Commercial)
Management: Black Room
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 452,450.50 M$
Power Capacity: 100000 W

Note from the Management

Welcome to The Chloe Blair.

The meet. The catch. The fall. The tugging at clothes. Discarded on the floor. Over shot. Long shot. Tremors. Mutual hollows. Infinite pulse. The fire. The thud. (The thud against your hips.) Hungered. Fragile. Dark.

(You're all that I need to live.)