Meditation Room

A Social Club is where members of exclusive societies gather to hang around and chat about common interests and goals. What goes on behind these walls is... only for the initiated!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Social Club
City: London
City Zone: Brixton (Slum)
Management: Resonance
Quality: 0
Condition: perfect
Cash: 376,525.00 M$
Power Capacity: 1000 W
Service Cost: 1.00 M$

Note from the Management

A sanctuary. A place of peace and of reflection. A quiet temple, a meadow by a stream, a place for poets, stargazers and dreamers. A place to look beyond the endings and only towards beginnings that know no end.

The peace you seek is there, it's there between all the traffic in your mind, stop and rest, for peace will find you if you let it. ~Mike Dolan