Gangstah Bank Chicago

The bank is where rich people keep their money, and poor people go to take a loan.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Bank
City: Chicago
City Zone: Wicker Park Shopping (Commercial)
Management: Gangstah ASA Banking
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 18,599,790.00 M$

Note from the Management

Welcome to Gangstah Bank Empire!

Welcome to the world's largest, safest and most prestigious bank chain; Gangstah Bank Empire! If you want to keep your money safe and also get interests on your money, your money in safe hands with us!

What do we offer?

➜ the best savings accounts with 3% interest rate
➜ a various selections of loans for newbies, musicians and entrepreneurs with lower interests than any other banks (starting at 0.5%)
without ever losing your money or your interest

How can you check your personal loan eligibility?

➜ you must have a steady job and income
➜ you must have a bank account at any Gangstah Banks worldwide
➜ you must have a clean credit record which means if you already have unpaid loans or if you are in debt to any bank or seem to be struggling over unpaid loans; your loan application will be rejected