El Toro y La Luna |RDJ|

A bottle of white, a bottle of red. Perhaps a bottle of rosé instead. The restaurant is a perfect place to pursue romantic interests and reminisce about long lost loves.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Restaurant
City: Rio de Janeiro
City Zone: Copacabana (Commercial)
Management: Group Therapy |RDJ|
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 3,232,794.90 M$
Current storage size: 2793 of 15000 MU

Note from the Management

Smile, I wanna see you smile
Don't wanna see you broken
I never had a plan

Talk, I'm waiting for you, start talking
Your words are softly spoken
I can't understand

Open up your hand of fate
I need to show you what we've made
As we soak it up inside
We will rise above the rain
If I had another chance
You know I'd do it all again