Loch Lomond Beach

This public beach is readily available and open for anyone who wishes to spend their time here. Please stay out of the water if you're unable to swim and/or if you've been drinking. Enjoy!

Basic Info

Locale Type: Public Beach
City: Glasgow
City Zone: Campsie Fells (Countryside)
Management: Glasgow
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 9,915,125.30 M$

Note from the Management

The beach at Loch Lomond was completed on day 27 of year 79, through the efforts of numerous volunteers, including Glasgow citizens and visitors, friends and family. The people of Glasgow wish to thank all who lifted a shovel in aid of this project.

This locale is dedicated to former Glasgow mayor Sam O´Conner, who served until Day 11 of Year 81, and worked tirelessly to bring an organized beach tennis league to Glasgow and the world.