D&K - CD & Vinyl Factory

The factory is where important products such as music records are produced. Different factories charge differently for their services so shop around before placing any huge orders.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Factory
City: London
City Zone: Thames Gateway (Industrial)
Management: D&K Empire
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 2,396,466.40 M$
Machinery: CD Production Unit
Capacity: 32703 units produced per hour.

Note from the Management

Welcome to D&K Factory

Cd's for everyone! Ask nicely and we can make vinyls!

We work with elite artists from all kind of genres.

💿 Video and Music producers
💿 Tour scheduling
💿 We own our factories
💿 We got our own Hip Hop University
💿 Club Chain (Detroit Palace)
💿 Jam Places
💿 All EPs an LPs, design covers and banners

💿 Record Label
💿 University
💿 Club
💿 Jam Place
💿 Factory
💿 Shop Store
💿 Office