Ian Parsons Underwears

The shop is where you go to buy all the things you didn't even know you needed. But shop around! You might find what you need for half the price just around the corner.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Shop
City: London
City Zone: Notting Hill (Residential)
Management: Fangorn Forest
Quality: 50
Condition: terrific
Cash: 4,894.70 M$
Service Cost: 5.00 M$
Current storage size: 7013 of 40000 MU


This shop specializes in selling items categorized as: Clothing, Health & Beauty, Natural Products.

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Note from the Management

This shop was opened in memory of the unforgettable date that happened between Ian Parsons and Melody Ionov.

That day, Ian decided to put up a glorious, magnificent bikini and no bikini was seen that beautiful since then. He has shown the courtesy to share his favorite bikinis from his collection. (and there were many, by the way) You can find the same elegant pieces in this store.

Don't hesitate and buy a few. After that, please don't forget to send him a message with your thankful thoughts. After all, he was the one (and only) guy who wore those delightful bikinis.

Completely out of topic, for those who wonder; Faun (in his suit, of course) was casually hanging around in London, without having any idea about bikinis. His picture from that day can be seen below.