Evergreen Hall

This mansion is known and loved by someone as Home Sweet Home.

If the owner has left the door open anyone can enter. Otherwise only the owner or people with a key can enter.

Basic Info

Locale Type: 26 room Mansion
City: London
City Zone: The New Forest (Countryside)
Management: None
Locale Owner: T. Hardy
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Storage Space Used: 47
Cash: 0.00 M$

Note from Thomas

Evergreen Hall is a Mansion-Chateau builded in The New Forest, Green Hill. This lands belong to the Hardy Lord and his family and it's the heritage of Thomas.


Some musicians and travelers leave their kids here because Evergreen Hall is also a nursery. There is not a cost or a fee, is 100% free

The Hall is the headcuarter of the well known scientist Sei Shiro, who lives here as co-owner of the mansion.

Evergreen Hall will be a 420 life-style friendly place open to public.

--This is a open house, if you have no place to go, or take a shower and sleep, you can come here for free--