Atomic Bees Hotel

Whenever you're far away from home a hotel is where you hang your hat. In many cases a hotel works just as a home, but it costs a lot more to hang out here.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Hotel
City: London
City Zone: The City (Commercial)
Management: Gardez Vos Rêves
Quality: 20
Condition: decent
Cash: (13,753.10) M$
Service Cost: 250.00 M$



Note from the Management

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay here at the AB Hotel. This hotel is dedicated to the original members of modern rock band Atomic Bees, as a gift to Izzie and the sexiest man ever (única razão pela que gosto da pérfida Albión) :)

Voice goes by
Two birds is what they'll see
Getting lost upon their way
Wind rolls by, low light
Eye sight, low light
I need the light
I'll find my way from wrong, what's real?
Your dream I see

['Low Light', Pearl Jam]

Note to employees: If you are inactive for two weeks you will be fired. If you know you will be gone for more than two weeks please contact the owner.