Københavns Rådhus

City Hall is from where the local politicians rule their cities. Although the mayor is rarely present here, it's still a good place to visit to air your political views and receive help with everything regarding your citizenship. You become a citizen of this world by purchasing a citizenship for credits. Once you've done that all matters regarding your citizenship is handled here at city hall.

Basic Info

Locale Type: City Hall
City: Copenhagen
City Zone: Indre by (Center of Town)
Management: Københavns Kommune
Quality: 50
Condition: perfect
Cash: 9,223,287.30 M$

Note from the Management

This is where all the big important decisions are made!

As they say, you can't fight city hall. But do feel free to contact one of our officials with any questions, suggestions or concerns:

Mayor - Darian Love

You can find the government threads here:

Mayor's Desk: 2303564.1

New to Copenhagen? Meet some people in the bar 2039838.1

Are you sick and need help? Write in here 1794713.1