:: Miel de Síren ::

City: New York

:: Miel de Síren ::

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Basic Info

Locale Type: Restaurant
City: New York
City Zone: Lower Manhattan (Commercial)
Management: Siren Call Records, LLC
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 47,796,366.40 M$
Service Cost: 1.00 M$
Current storage size: 49913 of 15000 MU


K͓̽O͓̽R͓̽I͓̽ ͓̽S͓̽W͓̽I͓̽N͓̽E͓̽

Note from the Management

Miel de Síren is a fun seaside fusion bistro, with samplings of food from all cultures. Featuring brother and sister team Gavin and Darcy McLoughlin in the kitchen and behind the bar, it's always a wonderful culinary experience when you dine here.

Síren Call Records