Fluffy grail seekers - Shut down

Was nice, time to move on.

The Psycho Ward™ Tribe gathers individuals that share the same interests, like spanking, tying, S&M, drinking, takin drugs, partying and fu*kin everything that walks! Above all, we all have a thick record of mental illnesses to show around, so that makes us something completely different than any other person in this world.

We are a small close group of psychos so we usually don't like new faces around, cos we all suffer from anti-social behavior. We are all patients getting treated with electroshock therapy and strange colored pills.

Currently: no beds available.

If we feel you need a treatment, we'll invite you in and give you your room with soft cushion walls, 'till then, enjoy your life as a normal and sane person.

Picture of the tribe courtesy of one psycho chick: Ida Snape.

Club Information
Created: 3/25/2008
Leader: F. O'Leary
Club House: The Psycho Ward™ LA
City: Los Angeles
Management: The Psycho Ward™ Tribe
Size: 1 members
Accepts applications: No

Regarding social clubs

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