The Love Shack

Welcome to The Love Shack everyone!

The Love Shack is a place to meet where you can let it all loose and shake your booty as much as you want!

You can talk to your friends, party and have a special rendez vous...or just relax and unwind.

The Love Shack is built from good friends and family, like you. And we hope to build The Love Shack into the coolest, most rocking-est place in popville in the future.

It's all about keeping in touch and now we can do it via our own forum! Well, The Love Shack's a new concept so there's no telling what we'll come up with!

The next time you find yourself in Kiev...Come by anytime!

Club Information
Created: 2/1/2013
Leader: P. Abit
Club House: Love Shack HQ
City: Kyiv
Management: Social Club Payton Abit CO
Size: 48 members
Accepts applications: No

Regarding social clubs

A social club is a place where people gather to fraternize and share common interests. The only way of becoming a member of a social club is to be invited by the club leader. All social clubs have a club house where the members meet.

VIPs can be a member of up to five social clubs at the same time, while non-VIPs can only be a member of one.