The Popmundo Bible

Here's the “official” forum of the Popmundo Bible.

Everything you'd like to say about the online guide, you can do here. Send me a private message to enter the club. And most and foremost, please only use English here! I won't say no to French, but please avoid everything else.

Yes, it requires to be VIP and it's sad, but for now I'll use this social club as I'm too lazy to maintain a phpbb or similar up to date. And this way, I'll know precisely “who” I'm talking to :)

Club Information
Created: 7/23/2013
Leader: J. Thorstensson
Club House: The Popmundo Bible HQ
City: Paris
Management: PPMB Inc.
Size: 5 members
Accepts applications: No

Regarding social clubs

A social club is a place where people gather to fraternize and share common interests. The only way of becoming a member of a social club is to be invited by the club leader. All social clubs have a club house where the members meet.

VIPs can be a member of up to five social clubs at the same time, while non-VIPs can only be a member of one.