The Kun-Sun's hotness appreciation club

The Kun-Sun's hotness appreciation club

By accepting the invitation to join this club you admit you are one of the many fortunate Kun-Sun fans out there (yes, this is a fanclub and no, you may nevah leave). This also means Kun-Sun probably fucks you whenever she gets a chance. Very fortunate indeed.

Don't forget to subscribe to the forum. Hopefully there'll be more bulletins and parties and shit going on to advertise there.

Club Information
Created: 9/19/2015
Leader: E. Jansson
Club House: Social Club Kun-Sun Long HQ
City: Tokyo
Management: Kun-Sun's fanclub
Size: 23 members
Accepts applications: No

Regarding social clubs

A social club is a place where people gather to fraternize and share common interests. The only way of becoming a member of a social club is to be invited by the club leader. All social clubs have a club house where the members meet.

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