The Sister Cities Social Club (SCSC) was created for the purpose of organizing high-quality sporting events to be shared among the involved cities. The SCSC was conceived in talks between New York and Seattle leaders, with the aim of including Melbourne and other similarly minded cities.

We believe:

1. Sporting events should not be "owned" but "shared." Sharing events helps multiple cities stay active and healthy while preserving event organizer sanity and avoiding overwhelming participants with events.

2. Sharing sporting events strengthens bonds between cities.

3. There is always an opportunity to improve sporting events, and there should be a mechanism for and a commitment to passing on knowledge and lessons learned so that they can be integrated into future offerings of the event.

4. Sporting events should be well-organized, and bringing together experienced event planners from multiple cities to provide input and ideas will result in events that are more likely to be well-planned and well-run.

Thus, we have joined together to establish a framework for shared sporting events that maximizes the chance these events will succeed while allowing for adaptation and flexibility to meet local needs and implement new ideas.

Sporting events that are currently under the SCSC umbrella include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. Yearly Surfing Competition (origin: NYC)

2. All-Pro Sports Tournament (origin: Seattle)

3. NYC vs. SEA Fishing Competition (origin: NYC and SEA)

Club Information
Created: 7/1/2016
Leader: A. Littleton Harlow
Club House: SCSC HQ
City: Seattle
Management: SCSC
Size: 4 members
Accepts applications: No

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