The Queen's Gambit Chess Club

The purpose of our club is to help out those who love the game and simply looking for other opponents!

We will have chess parties, competitions and share some basic information about achievements.

We have a discord channel ! just ask me !

I welcome you all ! And I invite you to spread the news and help us grow big and gather all chess players from all over the world !

Invite your friends and let's play !

For non VIP players, please PM me so I can invite you to parties 🎉 !
For any suggestions, ideas, questions 2342106.1 !
For meetups: 2342107.1 !
Come introduce yourself ! Don't be shy !: 2342298.1

Club Information
Created: 1/17/2021
Leader: M. Parsons
Club House: Chess Club: The Queen's Gambit HQ
City: London
Management: Chess Club: The Queen's Gambit
Size: 116 members

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