The Wives Club

The rice has been thrown & you've ridden off into the sunset with your spouse. Now what? That's where we come in.

Welcome to all newly married and well-established wives! This social club is for women of all races, sexuality, ages & socio-economic statuses. You must be a married woman at the time of acceptance.

If you know someone who would be a great addition to the club, please forward your invitation requests & suggestions to the appropriate personnel. The Wives Club is a non-hazing organization.

*Please note that The Wives Clubhouse: LA is currently hiring.*

Are you or do you know a divorced woman looking for an organization of ex-wives & widows to join? You can now seek membership into our sister sorority, The Ex-Wives Club, by contacting the president, Princess Cleaves.

Club Information
Created: 2/14/2021
Leader: S. Cleaves
Club House: The Wives Clubhouse: LA
City: Los Angeles
Management: The Wives Club, Inc.
Size: 26 members
Accepts applications: Yes

Regarding social clubs

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