Bugs, poets and pillow

Bugs, poets and pillow

Bugs, poets and pillow is one of the Super Stars of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 2/25/2007 the artist is currently ranked as the #14 R&B act. The artist is considered to be from Rio de Janeiro. This artist accepts invitations.

R&B #14 316,025,816.80 M$

Artist Buzz

This artist was eliminated in round 8 of the last Popopalooza!

Live performances include a GOD SMACKINGLY GLORIOUS show at Bad Luck R&B (COP) in Copenhagen which is rated as their best recent show.

The most recent music video by Bugs, poets and pillow is You are free as birds, released on 12/20/2020.

Bugs, poets and pillow released the earth shaking single Akaretler on 1/26/2021.

Message to the Fans

Correct playing volume is not QUIET!

1791840.16 -> Patikalar


D. Akmehmet
Band Leader
Violinist / Lead Singer

Z. Beers
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Cello player
Member since 12/22/2013

Z. Tanju
Electric Guitarist / Lead Singer
Member since 2/26/2018

E. Campos
Lead Singer / Saxophone Player
Member since 2/26/2018