Trelawny Sharks

Trelawny Sharks

Trelawny Sharks is one of the Contenders of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 12/28/2010 the artist is currently ranked as the #191 Reggae act. The artist is considered to be from Berlin. This artist accepts invitations.

Artist Buzz

The most recent music video by Trelawny Sharks is Moose au Chocolat, released on 4/24/2020.

Trelawny Sharks released the mind melting single Moose au Chocolat on 4/24/2020.

Message to the Fans

#5 15.11.19


D. Engelhorn-Bassi
Band Leader
Trombone Player / Bass Guitarist
Member since 3/21/2018

S. Finders
Band Leader
Keyboard Player / Trumpet Player
Member since 7/10/2019

L. Lovecraft
Goblet Drummer / Lead Singer
Member since 7/8/2022