Nyanya Zilizooza

Nyanya Zilizooza

Nyanya Zilizooza is one of the Contenders of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 12/29/2010 the artist is currently ranked as the #122 African Music act. The artist is considered to be from Warsaw. This artist accepts invitations.

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The most recent music video by Nyanya Zilizooza is Znudziło mi się!, released on 1/9/2017.

Nyanya Zilizooza released the perfect single Znudziło mi się! on 1/9/2017.

Message to the Fans

African Music:

#2 in Genre - 3rd Dec 2015
#1 on Radio Charts - 18th Nov 2015
GSG Show - 1st Oct 2015

Heavy Metal:

#27 in Genre
Earth Shaking Show


Całkiem Niezły Mąż
T. Karwot
Band Leader
Lead Singer / Electric Guitarist
Member since 3/15/2013