The Flying Spaghetti Mothers

The Flying Spaghetti Mothers

The Flying Spaghetti Mothers is one of the Contenders of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 9/4/2011 the artist is currently ranked as the #673 Jazz act. The artist is considered to be from Rome. This artist accepts invitations.

Jazz #673 91,318.80 M$

Artist Buzz

The Flying Spaghetti Mothers released the wonderful single Only For The Achievements on 2/13/2015.

Message to the Fans

🍝 We're a Pastafarian Band

Please, don't send us any freakin' contract offer. We already signed with the best record label in the world. Thanks.


I. Dogana
Lead Singer / Dancer
Member since 8/23/2018

R. Allegri
Band Leader
Saxophone Player / Trumpet Player
Member since 4/18/2019

L. Evangelisti
Lead Singer
Member since 11/2/2019

Q. Evangelisti
Saxophone Player
Member since 9/30/2020